About bipolar disorder

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is one of diseases classified as mood disorders among mental disorders.

A disease in which only depression occurs is called “major depressive disorder”. On the other hand, a disease in which mania or hypomania in addition to depression occurs is called bipolar disorder. The depressive state is almost the same between major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder, but their courses are difference.

Bipolar disorder is classified into two depending on the degree of the elated state. When an elated state can cause serious obstacles in daily life and requires hospitalization, it is called “manic state”. On the other hand, even if it is clearly seen from others that he or she is elated, when it does not disturb the social life, it is called “hypomanic state”.

A disorder characterized by manic and depressive states is called “bipolar I disorder”, whereas a disorder showing hypomanic and depressive episodes is called “bipolar Ⅱdisorder”.

If a patient does not control the illness, he or she will have repeated manic and depressive episodes, which disturb interpersonal relationships, social confidence, and work or home life. However, there are many effective treatments for bipolar disorder, which prevent patients from having disturbance of social life.